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Prima Kings Hotel JerusalemRamat Rachel Hotel JerusalemAmerican ColonyJerusalem PearlMount Zion Hotel, JerusalemKing David Hotel, JerusalemDavid Citadel Hotel, JerusalemInbal Hotel, JerusalemRenaissance Hotel, Jerusalem
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Jerusalem, the "City of Gold", Israel's Capital, sits high atop the Judean Hills. It is a place where 3,000 years of history
come alive - where old and new, secular and holy coexist in harmony. Jerusalem,which was established by King David, is sacred to the world's three main religions. It is a spiritual place full of wondrous sites, sounds and cultures. The city is home to Israeli parliament (Knesset), the President's Residence and the government offices.

Come enjoy the all that Jerusalem has to offer - you'll never forget it.

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Note: Hotels in Israel do not have a formal star rating system. The hotels listed on this site have been classified by the common terminology used in Israel (Deluxe, Tourist etc.).
We have also added a star rating; however, please note that these are only meant as a general guideline of the level of service provided by the various hotels.

David Citadel
Deluxe Hotels

Mount Zion Hotel
First Class Hotels

Alcazar Hotel
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Deluxe Hotels (5 Stars)

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First Class Hotels (4 Stars)

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* Prices listed below are per room, per night, based on double occupancy.

Jerusalem - Deluxe Hotels - 5 Star
David Citadel Hotel Jerusalem
Inbal Hotel Jerusalem
King David Hotel
Plaza Jerusalem (former Sheraton Plaza)

Jerusalem - Superior 1st Class Hotels - 4 1/2 Star
Crowne Plaza Hotel Jerusalem
Dan Panorama Hotel Jerusalem
Grand Court Hotel
King Solomon Hotel Jerusalem
Renaissance Hotel Jerusalem

Jerusalem - First Class Hotels - 4 Star
American Colony Hotel Jerusalem
Caesar Hotel Jerusalem
Lev Yerushalayim Hotel Jerusalem
Moriah Classic Hotel (Ex Novotel Jerusalem)
Mount Zion Hotel Jerusalem
Park Plaza Hotel Jerusalem
Pearl Jerusalem Hotel Jerusalem
Prima Kings Hotel Jerusalem
Prima Palace Hotel Jerusalem
Ramat Rachel Hotel Jerusalem
Olive Tree Royal Plaza Hotel Jerusalem

Jerusalem - Tourist Class Hotels - 3 Star
Gold Jerusalem Hotel Jerusalem
Jerusalem Gate Hotel Jerusalem
Jerusalem Tower Hotel Jerusalem
Kikar Zion Hotel Jerusalem
Knesset Towers Jerusalem
Reich Hotel Jerusalem
Shalom Hotel Jerusalem

Jerusalem - Economy Class Hotels - 2 Star
Alcazar Hotel Jerusalem
Mevo Jerusalem Hotel

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